History of the Gods Edit

According to ancient records in the beginning there was one entity, El. El had presumably always existed before the creation but there was no way of knowing. One day El out of loneliness created the Goddess Ao to travel the cosmos on his long adventure with. The two fell in love and had four children. Faerah, Olyssiris, Barisi, and Voxis. Millenniums passed and the family continued to travel the waves of the universe together eventually settling in a small cluster of stars that are known today as the Elian Cluster.

After settling down the family together began decorating their new home. Olyssiris created fantastic nebula with colors that spanned a seemingly infinite distance. Barisi painted the emptiness with unimaginably beautiful worlds. Voxis stretched the space between the stars and formed many more in the empty space and Faerah planted the seeds of life on one tiny world at the center of their home and created the first breathing creatures, much different from themselves.

The first inhabitants of El are said to have lived nearly 50 000 years ago at a time referred in ancient texts only as The Dawn. There were 10 beings who rose from the dirt to claim the lands given to them by their creators. Name1, Name2, Name3, Name4, Name5, Name6, Name7, Name8, name9, name10. All free thinking creatures Els power coursing through their bodies.

Deities of Old Edit

Deities of El Edit

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