Elnam Edit

The center of the world, at least as far as the inhabitants of El are concerned. Elnam is the largest continent and it's name as been passed down over millenniums through the records of the Church of El. The name is said to be that of an ancient deity that formed the world in an instant roughly 50 000 years ago.


The Vast Expanse, Dawn Edit

Long ago after the creation of the world and the first creatures began to walk the earth, most sentient life was drawn to the center of Elnam to escape the harsh storms of the outer rim. The Vast Expanse or Dawn as the first creatures called it was eventually the grounds for the first cities of El and today remains home to the 10 founding family's of El.

Known Inhabited Areas (The Vast Expanse, Dawn):

  • Chu'lin
  • Briss
  • Dorvoss
  • Elvaer
  • Hom
  • Mcthorin
  • Rhix
  • Tal'is
  • Voolin
  • Zod


Woushaw Desert Edit

The Woushaw desert is an incredibly ruthless area of Elnam with extremely dry air and year long temperatures ranging from 35 to 65 degrees centigrade. Vast areas of the desert are uninhabited and the creatures who do live here have adapted to the harsh climates in very unique ways.

Known Inhabited Areas (Woushaw Desert):

  • Port Briskwater
  • Trill
  • Gale
  • Bladeholm
  • Drov's Oasis


The Ancient Peaks of Pelar Edit

The Peaks of Pelar refer to the southern mountainous region of Elnam named after the ancient Dwarven city of Pelar. Pelar was is said to be one of the ancient deities who participated in the War of Dawn over 50 000 years ago.

Known Inhabited Areas (The Ancient Peaks of Pelar):

  • The Ancient City of Pelar
  • Sverjlandjin
  • Crast
  • Galvar's Rise
  • Gold Rock
  • Port Vailroth


Plains of Gaust Edit

The plains of Gaust is the original home to the human race before most sentient life began to move inland to Dawn. After several Millennium near the end of the Rise of Dawn after the creation of the great cities of man the humans began a pilgrimage to the north to reclaim the lands of their ancestors. Eventually the great city of Gaustin was built and named after the mighty general Gaust who led the march to reclaim the lands from the corruption that had taken over since the original humans moved inland to Dawn.

Known Inhabited Areas (Plains of Gaust):

  • Gaustin
  • Brail
  • Port Doxas
  • Port Garrant
  • Port Yourith
  • Wind Gardens of Faerah

Jae'Xin Edit

Stormwatch Edit

Azonia Edit

Beithorn Vale Edit

Lordrann Edit

The Whisvar Isles Edit

The Wastes Edit

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